Thursday, January 24, 2008

Review of restaurant \ Movie Theater


Don't go here...They claim to have the best burger in town and to even have one an award for it -- it's definitely NOT worth $10.95. You can get a better burger for less at Fudruckers, Bugattis, Carl's JR, Jack-In-The-Box...

Service is slow, the food is mediocre, and when we were asked, by the manager, how the food was -- we politely told him it wasn't as good as they claim and that it wasn't worth the price. He had nothing to say, but "Thanks, I've never eaten one" What?!? He serves something he's never even tried?!? He didn't even offer to give a discount on the bill or offer a free desert???

So, we gave a tip comparable to the service and went to checkout the movies...$10+ to see a movie?!? What's that all about?!?

We will never go back...and I offer you this warning so you can avoid the place too.