Sunday, December 9, 2007

G.I. JOE "Now with Kung Fu Grip?"...NOT

We just bought our two youngest twins a couple G.I. JOE Action Figures. I noticed this afternoon that there's a sticker on the front of the package that says "Now with Kung Fu Grip!"

What do they mean now...like this is new technology? I remember when Kung Fu Grip came out in the 70's...My G.I. JOE had that cool rubbery hand that rapped around anything and gripped strong and long. The Kung Fu Grip on these toys is a hard plastic spring-loaded hand...this isn't Kung Fu grip...they're not real enough! The "real" Kung Fu Grip was like a true prosthetic hand that truly grabbed hold of things. These hands don't hold anything but the cheap little plastic weapons that come with the figures. With the old Kung Fu Grip your action figure could hang from the edge of a table etc. But these new hard plastic hands can't do that...they just slip off and your dude falls to his death.

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