Friday, November 16, 2007

And life goes on...

There have been two people taken away from my office, in an ambulance, in the last month...What does that mean?

The first person came back to work after a brief hospital visit and a few days at home resting -- I think it was just stress.

The second person was taken away just moments ago, gripping their chest with eyes closed in pain. Rumor's are some form of heart attack -- yikes. This person's younger than me too.

Life in the office is already back to normal. I guess we can't shut down the office on the account of one person being carted away, but it seems weird that we can move on so quickly.

I think I need to exercise more -- or, actually start exercising.


Katie said...

Yikes,that place seems dangerous!

JoeFlyer said...

The diagnosis was a heart palpitation...Google it, very interesting read. I think I'll go walk now :)